“Women have always been leaders in organizations, societies and communities. Dining with Deb™ is more than just a dinner, it is an evening to give women time away from everything else to gain leadership insights, perspectives and capacity.”

-Deb Elam, CEO Corporate Playbook™ + Founder of Dining with Deb™


The why

Dining with Deb™ was created by women, for women.

Developed by Deborah Augustine Elam, retired President of the GE Foundation and now President & CEO of the New Orleans based consulting firm, Corporate Playbook™, Dining with Deb™ is a dining experience that brings together professional women deliberately crossing racial, religious and political barriers, driving meaningful connections and conversations.

While today relationships are often built via a LinkedIn conversation or email, Dining with Deb™ encourages women to turn off their phones, unplug their laptops and block out time in their schedule, to be present for each other, around a table of delicious food.

The inaugural Dining with Deb™ event took place on March 7, 2018, the eve of International Women's Day.


the experience

Each dinner will have content that shares leadership lessons and provides vehicles for connections amongst participants. Deb will also moderate a fireside chat with a special guest. 

Why this format?
As a long-time inclusion and diversity expert, Deb understands that when you bring high impact women to the table, in this case, a dinner table, meaningful connections happen and the possibilities are limitless. 


"Surround yourself with phenomenal women who are confident and secure enough to know there is room for each of us at the table."


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