2018 Recap

Deb I seriously think you should consider this as the inaugural to an annual tradition – there’s no reason this wonderful party shouldn’t happen again.
What an amazing night with a room full of amazing women! Whether you needed a jumpstart, a restart or a head start, energy and inspiration was infinite tonight at #DiningWithDeb!
What an incredible night with a room full of awesome women! Thank you for sharing and inspiring us to strive for excellence by enriching ourselves with knowledge and purpose.
Something big could come of this. That would be lagniappe. The beauty and power are in the little connections and the successes we may never see. Good work, and thank you.
Darling, thank you for including me. I had such an incredible evening.
Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge about leadership and empowering women. I am looking forward to the next event. Tonight made me think about what is next for me professionally and personally.
Thank you for bringing this room of empowered women together tonight..we needed the inspiration and encouragement to be our best selves and help each other wear our crowns with as much dignity as possible. Again, thank you for this uplifting evening.
‘Dining with Deb’ was truly an uplifting and inspirational evening celebrating Women’s Empowerment and Leadership! Thanks to Deborah Elam and her team for a fabulous event! I am looking forward to the next event!
What a fantastic evening. We celebrated amazing women who have impacted New Orleans over the past 300 years and received great advice on how to improve our leadership from the dynamic presenters. Hats off to you and your team
I was so excited to be part of the inaugural dinner series for women who are beyond phenomenal for an evening that was quite remarkable.

This gallery is compliments of 'Dining with Deb'.

March 7, 2018  | Hyatt New Orleans

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